So December 31st marks our first anniversary since our first cook day for the Lobster Shop! We had a small social media following at the start and had a very cosy number of customers for our first sale but we absolutely thank each and everyone who ordered back then and loved the bants while out delivering to make your night a special one!! This year we hope to get in early for the bigger order number and away just in time to enjoy Hogmanay… although this year we won’t be offering delivery!

Hogmanay back in 2020 was an unusual one but it’s where we kicked off The Lobster Shop with our main product, hassle free-enjoy at home lobster. It has proved very popular with the locals and folk beyond Johnshaven who like to enjoy this local delicacy in the comforts of their own home and with none of the hassle of cracking & prepping the lobster.

Our first year has well and truly exceeded all of our expectations and we have loved seeing so many of you all enjoy our food & taste lobster for the first time!! And not to forget those partan fans who have access to the white & brown meat so readily for their favourite recipes & the simple dressed crab dishes they love.

There are a few special people & companies we would like to thank. To Phoenix bakers, Eddie & Candice, our Lobster Rolls wouldn’t be the same without your amazing brioche buns. A massive thanks for consistently supplying us with brilliant, freshly baked goods all year! Another special thanks to Turriffs of Montrose for their great fresh produce & speedy deliveries. Also, we want to thank The Anchor Hotel & Hidden Treasure Tearoom for the friendly local support & our own personal caffeine supply! Lastly, to the Smith family & the Dunbars who have all helped out at the meer mention of the words “could you maybe…”, we really do appreciate everything you have done for us!

Of course, a big thanks must go out to our fantastic customers for making our first year in business so enjoyable. Serving the community was always going to be rewarding, but to have so much support from up and down the coast is something that really means a lot to us.

See you soon!

The Lobster Shop team