Planning for the Future

A Sustainable Journey

For us, being sustainable is about reducing our impact to the environment, both on land and at sea. We are doing what we can to ensure the futures of The Lobster Shop, Murray McBay & Co, and creel fishing out of Johnshaven harbour are all secure for generations to come.


Our lobsters and crabs are all creel caught by responsible and experienced fishers. Creel fishing is a species-selective and environmentally sustainable method of fishing. Shellfish are brought to the surface alive and undamaged, with any undersized or unwanted animals being returned.

Over many decades, we have built lasting relationships with fully licensed creel fishers from up and down the North East coast. The combined experience and trust ensures that every box from every landing meets our high standards of premium quality. The locally caught shellfish are carefully stored in large fresh sea water tanks right up until preparation.


We are proud that we can minimise waste from our preparation process by supplying Angus Horticulture with all of the shells we generate. This is as part of regional trials to utilise shellfish waste in improving soil health, mainly in potato farming.

Any extra ingredients we use are sourced responsibly from local suppliers that share our values on sustainability, and our food comes in recyclable packaging, made from recycled materials where possible.


Johnshaven was amongst the busiest fishing harbours in Scotland at the beginning of the 18th century. It still thrives as a vibrant, working harbour with a number of seasonal and full time creel fishing boats. Through our shared values, we will continue landing locally caught shellfish at Johnshaven, and sustain these relationships with the creel fishers for generations to come.


In order to promote the industry to a new generation, our aim is to introduce educational elements to engage with a broader audience. Utilising our close links across our coastal community, we will raise awareness of the entire supply chain, from seabed to plate.


Visiting our Village

We are only one of many reasons to visit Johnshaven. It’s a lovely escape from the A92, winding down from the top of the hill to the delightfully picturesque and lively working harbour and a bustling village hub.

Stop for a freshly ground coffee, snack and a most memorable home bake experience at Hidden Treasures Tearoom. Pop in the Heritage Hub and delve into an incredible local history of smugglers, merchants and heroes.

Wander around the lanes and visit Starfish Studios, a trove of local arts, crafts and souvenirs. Johnshaven Stores has everything you’d ever need, it’s quite amazing how it all fits on the shelves!

And if you want to experience the finest local fresh catch and seasonal produce (including our lobsters!) then you must try the Anchor Hotel.

Stay a while, take in the village sights, you may even stumble in on one of many resident artists who have occasional open studios. Wander north or south along the coastal path and you’ll find proud and friendly residents eager to tell you more about what Johnshaven has to offer!


Popular Produce

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